Velvet Jewelry Displays Verses Leatherette Jewelry Displays

Choosing the right jewelry displays sounds trivial but the impact of your sales with your jewelry on the right display can be huge. Before even deciding between velvet jewelry displays and leatherette jewelry displays, you need to know that these are never mixed. Mixed displays, whether it is styles or colors detracts from your jewelry and unless you are selling the jewelry displays themselves this would cause you to lose sales. You want to attract the customers eye to the jewelry and not the display. The jewelry display is there to draw the customers eye to your jewelry. If your customer point out how great your displays are then you are doing something wrong.

Advantages of velvet over leatherette is that rarely is leatherette found in a selection of colors. So choosing leatherette can limit your color selection. Leatherette is often limited to white, although if you search you can find black and beige. Other colors are nearly impossible to find unless you start to go custom, which is always expensive.

The advantage of leatherette displays is that you can clean them. So if you choose white displays leatherette is ideal. Choosing white velvet displays, while it looks great clean, it can turn dirty and ugly very quickly. Velvet is difficult to clean and most likely not worth the time as it never looks the same once the cleaning is attempted. So if you go for white displaying, choose leatherette. Black leatherette has a classy look and can be easily cleaned. Black tends to show dust, but with leatherette you can easily remove the dust making your display look brand new again.

Velvet jewelry displays are available in colors other than black, most basic jewelry display companies just carry black. Black looks great, but remember the dust problem, and with black dust does show up after a period of time. Velvet is difficult to clean. When shopping you should always look for companies that are deep in the business of jewelry displays and jewelry supplies.

Go with companies that offer a wide selection, otherwise you will be are forced into buying displays that are not quite right, and this could greatly affect your sales. Since quality and styles are different you generally do not want to be switching companies too often as your jewelry displays will begin to look too different, thus detracting from your jewelry. Velvet colors available include dark blue, gray, pink, red and burgundy. Colors can brighten your store but remember, separation of colors is essential.

Stay with the same color displays. You can have different sections of your store in different color displays, however always separate different colors. Onyx jewelry may look great on white, pink or gray displays, but put it on black and it could look lost. However, silver jewelry looks great on black displays, so create a separate area away from the white, pink or gray onyx displays.

With jewelry display set ups, as with anything, test and change according to the results. Also every couple of months change your displays, either move them around or purchase new and different displays. You will be surprised at how simply changing a few displays and their locations increases business. It gives your store a fresh look and that will attract repeat customers.

Author- Wayne Fetta, CEO Fetpak, Inc.

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