Jewelry Display Tips – 10 Successful and Profitable Ways to Display Handcrafted Jewelry

Since starting my handcrafted jewelry business , I’ve displayed my items at many craft shows, fairs, festivals, home jewelry parties, etc. I often have a show two or three days a week. I have picked up many display ideas along the way. I have, also, had other vendors incorporate my ideas into their own displays.

One of the most important things to remember, is that you want your display to be appealing to the customer. Your jewelry or craft may be beautiful, however, that won’t matter if the display doesn’t look enticing enough for the potential customer to come take a look.

When it comes to jewelry, I find organization of items is very important. I have seen displays in which other jewelry designers have no particular organization in there presentation. That is their choice. I have had MANY customers comment on how much easier and quicker it is to find what they’re looking for when a display is organized.

Here are some tips and ideas for displaying jewelry items:

TIP #1:

-Display jewelry sets together. For instance, I display my chakra jewelry together on one mirror.

TIP #2:

- Display jewelry pieces for each category (ex. necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.) in the same general area. It will be easier for your customers to locate specific items.

TIP #3:

- Organize bracelets by style, gemstone, color, etc. Whatever seems best for you. I separate my bracelet displays by gemstones. For example: I may have quartz, jade and carnelian bracelets on one display, my awareness bracelets on another, and so on.

TIP #4:

- Earring displays are personal preference. I have seen some designers display their earrings on hanging displays without an earring card, some prefer to hang them on a board display or earring rack, others use a rotating display. I use a rotating earring rack, as it takes up less space and I am able to display over 100 pairs of earrings. I use black flock earring cards to hang my earrings on and I include rubber earring backs with my earrings. This helps to keep the earrings in place on the card and offers the customer an added bonus to the earrings .

TIP #5:

-Be creative when displaying your jewelry pieces. I use black velvet and white leatherette jewelry displays, beveled mirrors and wire jewelry holders. Mirrors are a great way to display your jewelry-they are simple, inexpensive and elegant! I use them to display my featured pieces and jewelry sets. Beveled mirrors can be purchased in a variety of sizes at your local craft store or jewelry supplier.

TIP #6:

- It is not recommended to use flat displays. A lot of shows will not accept a vendor if they have a flat table display. It’s just not attractive! It is also recommended to have more than one tier in your display. I use the shelf from an old computer desk. I cover it with a piece of black velvet material and sit it on the back center of my table. It is perfect for displaying my business sign, a few necklace stands and smaller pieces of jewelry.

TIP #7:

-Cover your table! What colors you choose are up to you. However, if you choose a pattern that is too “busy”, it may take away from your jewelry. I use black tablecloths when displaying my jewelry. To accent the black color, I use runners or large fabric table napkins in the colors of the season. I’ll use rust colors in the fall, red and green in the get the idea. I also, display inexpensive “props” on my table. I use small wood pumpkins, small candles, clip on ornaments, etc. Make your table appealing to the buyer!

TIP #8:

- Include a business card display on your table. This will promote your business and lead to repeat customers.


-Make signs. I use tent cards to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. I design my own tent cards on the computer using tent card sheets or card stock. I then cut them to the size I want. I label each of my categories with a tent card. For example: “Awareness Bracelets”,”Men’s Jewelry”,”Children’s Jewelry”, “Anklets”. I also make tent cards labeled with my services. For example: “Custom Orders Available”, “Host a Jewelry Party”, “Bracelet Lengths Can be Adjusted”.

TIP #10

-Make sure you have a business sign. Promote, promote, promote! Make or purchase a sign with your business name, logo and/or description. I have an 8″ x 10″ sign on my table display ( I designed and printed my own sign out on the computer and put it into a picture frame) and I also have a vinyl sign that hangs in front of my table. If you’re interested in a vinyl sign, you can make your own using a vinyl sign kit (available in craft stores) or you can purchase one from a sign company.

It’s best to make your display neat and professional, and let your personality reflect on it.

An attractive display will be far more appealing to potential customers. Be creative!

Jewelry Displays Display Your Crafted Jewelry To Advantage

nothing sets it off better than jewelry displays. No matter if this is the glass display kind or the box display kind, these show off jewelry to excellent advantage. All sorts of jewelry can be displayed such as rings, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories and so on. If you make jewelry by hand, it is best to get one of these boxes to display your creations with, as it can attract attention to your designs to the best advantage possible.

If you notice, even professional jewelers and jewelry stores use these to display their jewelry to advantage to their customers. Jewelry cases, boxes, stand and so on present the jewelry in the best possible circumstances under quality lighting. Even watches can be displayed to best advantage in the correct display. So where would you find these items to display your handcrafted items? Many times, you can find suppliers online with a simple search term. It could also be advantageous to comparison shop before making any decision. Some will offer retail while others will offer wholesale to both jewelers and jewelry stores.

Prices on these types of display will range depending on what you want and who your supplier is. You want something affordable to present your jewelry in, not something that will cost dearly and not display your jewelry to advantage. Unique designs require unique display cases and depending on your supplier, will range in cost as well as effectiveness. You would not want a display that was made of red wood if you needed something different. Displays will range in materials, shapes, sizes, colors and costs. You certainly should think about using jewelry displays in your own shop.

People love to look at handmade jewelry and those pieces that are displayed to advantage are going to be the ones that are sold. Those that are not displayed in the best advantage possible will not sell, no matter how good they are or how they look. Handcrafted jewelry needs the advantage of jewelry displays to be shown in the best light to potential customers. Proper lighting and presentation are vital as it is the eye that is drawn to the jewelry display or case and nothing else. So why not consider getting the proper casing to display your jewelry to others.

No matter if you have your own studio or are selling as part of a fair, these jewelry displays can show your wares to best advantage. Those that do not have them can count on not selling very much. Check with different suppliers to see what is out there for what you are making and then purchase accordingly. These benefit every type of jewelry possible and allow people to see them in an advantageous light. Display your jewelry with pride and in the proper display device so that the world can see your wares. Hand crafted jewelry is becoming more popular so the proper display is now more vital than ever to selling what you make in hand made jewelry.